Types of Security Cameras

If you are trying to choose a security camera in Miami. Here are some tips to help you choose the correct security camera.

First we must know or understand the types of security cameras in Miami that currently exist: Infrared Cameras, Box Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Zoom Tilt Cameras and Hidden Cameras.

When should we use an Infrared Security Camera? The infrared cameras are security cameras that can be used for commercial and residential purposes. Infrared cameras are security cameras that produce color video during high-resolution light situations and once the environment becomes dimly lit it automatically switches to monocolor and the infrared system is activated. These security cameras can be used in both exterior as well as indoors. They can be resistant to water and withstand low and high temperatures and can be aided by heat fans in cases of low temperatures, they can also adapt a housing necessary according to the environment in which it is to be installed.

Versatilities of the dome. The domes come in different styles: infrared domes, indoor and outdoor domes, anti-vandalism with levels of protection against solid elements and levels of protection against water and controllable domes. Smoked plastic covers to prevent you from knowing where the lens is pointing. These Covers do not prevent the dome from obtaining an excellent image. The vast majority of security cameras with integrated zoom have the Domo housing. Box security cameras also have a great quality: their image. Among the advantages are the use of different types of interchangeable lenses that can be used according to distance and angle of the target in reference. And one of the other advantages would be the use of carcasses of different sizes according to the size of the security camera. The security cameras with tilt zoom Pant Tilt Zoom (PTZ) are security cameras that can be controlled with a DVR software for remote viewing. They have movement from top to bottom and from right to left and vice versa. You can zoom in to observe the details of an objective. (Faces, Vehicle plates). You can also record a series of pre-set movements to make pre-recorded tours.

Benefits of using hidden security cameras: If you do not want anyone to know that there is a security camera, this is the best option. Fake smoke detectors, clocks, water sprinklers, motion detectors, exit and entry notices, alarm clocks, pencils etc. There is a wide variety of these hidden security cameras in Miami.