Public Transport

Bus- Security

Do you have to make decisions right decisions very quickly? Your organization, whether airport, seaport or mass transit, needs the best security solution that exists in the market today. A security solution that covers all areas and includes several systems, which helps to facilitate that correct decision making without affecting your operations. IP Access Video LLC offers everything necessary for you to make sound decisions without affecting the daily development of your operations.

We implement the recognition of vehicle license plates, video surveillance and access control systems, all in a unified security platform. You can get a scalable security solution and maintain existing hardware and benefit from the most reliable integrators in the industry.

Bus- School

School transportation is One of the biggest concerns we parents have when we send our children to school or we say goodbye to them when leaving school daily is their safety. The responsibility of taking children grows and therefore it is necessary to take into account the necessary safety standards and recommendations for all those involved (transport agencies, accompanying adults, drivers, schools) to ensure that children are protected in all your tours.

Advantages of placing cameras in school transport vehicles:

See in real time what is happening in the vehicle, Observe the actions of drivers and companions As a control element it serves to avoid dangerous maneuvers Document the maneuvers and routes of the vehicle Create routes and work zones to avoid deviations from the predetermined routes For the carrier, it is a competitive advantage over other companies Obtain evidence in accidents Record video on SD cards or hard drives in high definition Observe the children in real time. Detection of incidents within the school transport.