Law Enforcement


Security cameras and systems CCTV can also be useful for small cities. A city could use the security cameras to protect transportation facilities, such as such as bus stations, train station, airport or mass transit and maritime terminals. Also used for the protection of citizens against terrorist activities. Many cities in the world use video surveillance as their primary method of public safety.

By Video surveillance can be incorporated into many other non-governmental or official applications. Local governments and transportation departments have used surveillance cameras to monitor the activities of vehicular traffic. Traffic cameras, which capture the vehicles that exceed the speed or run and on passing a red light, help raise money through traffic tickets for local and municipal governments. Some local governments, like many in the U.S. and Latin America have begun to partner with local businesses, offering a refund to companies that install surveillance cameras to monitor public areas and enhance pedestrian safety in high traffic areas.

As surveillance cameras in the applications of local and national government, the security cameras can also protect the facilities of municipal and local government, such as office buildings, courthouses, police stations, and museums. Mobile surveillance cameras are also a very safe technique used by police in protests, demonstrations and other civil disturbances.