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Hotels and Resorts.
This segment refers to recreational activities and entertainment for different people. Security in these solutions there are several types of safety requirements. From the point of view of safety and legal standpoint, it is necessary to control the movements of people inside and outside the perimeter adjacent through your property. It is necessary to have a security solution that controls entry and exit of visitors and employees and contractors who enter and exit the facility. Parking Zones income and control of goods / products are other areas that need attention.

As in Hotels & Resorts, this segment refers to shopping, fashion and various other requirements to monitor different individuals. The shopping centers have a very large area, which needs to be safe for people and / or buyers or visitors. As to employees and property. So security solution involves a large number of equipment. In IP Access Video LLC. Recommend different lines of products such as video surveillance control system, parking, vehicle control plates (LPR) and more.