School Security

Recent violent incidents at school. Have affected a number of large urban school districts and school communities. School districts in various states have been repeatedly mentioned in the news in the last three years by the violence of students and people who are somehow related to students or people who work there , violence against students and staff incidents of weapons , shooting students, and / or death to school students , teachers . Make this sector is of great concern Worldwide. Despite all efforts, these incidents continue to occur.

With security threats increasing among educational institutions, along with shrinking budgets and intense pressure to reduce costs at all levels and departments , institutes and universities and K -12 schools , it should include the solution to keep schools and universities secure adequate profit to the cost given the budget deficit in the government sectors.

Security Systems CCTV and IP Access Video LLC. Would implement would be intertwined, The surveillance video face recognition system, where the system issues an alarm for any individual that is not in that database.Another serious use authorization systems by areas and also arms control the entry of the institutions.