City Wide Surveillance

Vigilancia Ciudadana. camaras para seguridad en las ciudades

Public safety is our priority. Therefore, it requires a Security System in Miami that can be expanded through his city with high definition cameras to identify the details of a system to help you manage hundreds or thousands of edge devices, whether basic or CCTV cameras systems plate recognition cameras, a system from which you can trust when you need it, an efficient system that can transmit and securely store your data security.

With IP Access Video LLC, you can easily expand your surveillance system throughout the city or the state of any size or in an unlimited number of installations and CCTV cameras. You can also use a map function to easily identify and drive demand for security cameras. With map tools, you can also directly import satellite images of the city in the display system with an optimal Security System Installation in Miami.

IP Access Video LLC. Offers the license plate recognition system (LPR), video surveillance and access control through a unified security platform including the mobile systems that can reach stolen cars. Our IP security systems are packed with features to help actively in public safety and take preventive measures against criminal events.