In casinos and insecure situations we face in these establishments, we face planned schemes, exchange of large amounts of money, changes induced distractions betting the dealer to cheat on tables, Robbing the players from criminals use while players are focused on their moves. Express Kidnappings delinquency by taking advantage of the winning players and making tactics to steal money from the players. This is why a solution for Casinos has to be very well implemented. So you have to see what is going on simultaneously at all times.

With multicast and broadcast multi features that help reduce the load on the network low latency and Security Cameras can handle high quality video with HD resolution or megapixels and frame rates of 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second. With this we obtain optimal video quality, without flooding the network beyond its capacity.

With IP Access Video LLC. You can preserve the analog matrix functionality, and convert to HD as we have migration strategies from Analog to Digital.